Vision and strategy

Assemblin is a young and ambitious company with a long history and a lot of experience. Click play to see a film about our identity.

Our platform

Business idea

We design, install, and maintain technical systems for buildings.


We use air, energy, and water to make buildings work and make people feel comfortable.


Smart and sustainable installations. By people, for people.

Our values

We can

With the right skills, experience and equipment, we do our job with pride. In this way, we all help to make our customers happy.

We want

Our dedication and curiosity drive us forward. The constant evolution of ourselves as people and our business enables us to create smart and sustainable solutions for our customers.

We care

Together, we do our work with the utmost respect for one another and our customers. We take responsibility for the environment and society around us.

Strategy and goal

Strategies for success

Assemblin’s vision and long-term ambitions form the basis for five overall strategies.

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Long-term value creation

Assemblin seeks to be the Nordic region’s best installation company – both today and in the future.

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Our overall targets

Assemblin's Board of Directors has decided on financial targets as well as an environmental target.

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It's the inside that matters

This is Sigge. Great dog. Has heart and personality so it is enough and over. Which is the most important thing. The same applies to buildings. Beautiful facades are great. But it’s on the inside life happens.

Our history

Assemblin is part of Sweden’s installation industry history. Cultures, skills and people from a long line of successful companies have come together to create Assemblin as we know it today.

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