Corporate governance at Assemblin

Well-structured operations, active control efforts and a sound corporate culture ensure sustainable value creation with limited risk, in accordance with the requirements placed on Assemblin as a Swedish company with listed securities.

Assemblin’s Parent Company, Assemblin Holding AB, is domiciled in Sweden and since December 2019 has had bonds that were subsequently listed on the International Stock Exchange (Channel Islands) [TISE (CI)] market in January 2020.

This means that corporate governance at Assemblin is based on Swedish law and TISE (CI) rules for issuers. In addition, Assemblin has chosen to apply the Swedish Corporate Governance Code and the principles of the UN Global Compact.

Furthermore, the company also has internal governing documents that apply to the company as a whole.

Corporate governance reports

As of the 2019 financial year, Assemblin publishes Corporate Governance Reports as part of the company’s public Annual Report and Sustainability Reports.

Corp. Governance Report 2021

Corp. Governance Report 2020

Corp. Governance Report 2019

Operational governance in a decentralised environment

With the insight that most installation assignments are local, and in order to ensure market-leading know-how, Assemblin has a firmly decentralised and technology-oriented organisation. To leverage economies of scale, minimise risks and ensure efficiency and a sound culture, however, there is a clearly defined Group-wide platform based on a framework of shared values, policies and guiding principles. The Group-wide policies that Assemblin’s Board of Directors and Group Management adopt annually are an important part of this framework.