Our certifications

Our clients expect quality, efficiency and reliable deliveries. Assemblin’s operations meet the requirements of a number of authorisations and certifications.

Quality according to ISO 9001

Assemblin’s deliveries are to be done efficiently, transparently and be of good quality. As support for this, there are tools, instructions, templates and guidelines collected in the business areas’ management systems. All of Assemblin’s work is carried out according to the international quality standard ISO 9001, and 65 per cent of the operations (Assemblin El, part of Assemblin VS and Assemblin Norway) have elected to formally attain this certification.

Environment according to ISO 14001

Assemblin carries out qualitative and systematic environment work according to the provisions of the international environmental standard ISO 14001, and the business areas Assemblin El, part of Assemblin VS and Assemblin Norway, which together constitute 65 per cent of the group’s turnover, have also elected to formally attain the certification.

Work environment according to OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001

Work environment management is also important for Assemblin, which prioritises work safety in all of its operations. Assemblin Norway and part of Assemblin VS are certified according to the international work environment standard OHSAS 18001. Both these units are also preparing to move to ISO 45001 in 2020. 

Welding activities according to ISO 3834-2

The operations in business area Assemblin VS and Assemblin Norway are also certified accoring to ISO 3834-2.

Industry-specific certifications and environmental standards

The construction and installation industry has a number of systems aimed at reducing energy usage and environmental impact of products being installed, such as BASTA, Sunda hus and Byggvarubedömningen. Assemblin is very familiar with the provisions of these systems and also has documented experience of certification systems for buildings such as Breeam, Lead, Swan ecolabel, Miljöbyggnad and EU Green Building. 

Local and personal certifications

Assemblin of course also has the authorisations needed to carry out work in a safe and secure way. Through a good training system, employees are guaranteed to have the knowledge and expertise required of them.