Join the Assemblin family

Assemblin combines the energy of local enterprise with the strength and development potential of a major corporation. We comprise strongly decentralised operations sharing the conviction that appropriate leadership, a healthy culture and superior expertise are crucial for our success. We seek to grow and continue developing alongside companies and people who share our approach.

Assemblin actively seeks well-run, profitable companies with superior skills and a sound culture. Acquisitions can be complementary, to strengthen Assemblin’s market position in selected locations, or strategic, to increase Assemblin’s expertise in a new area of technology or in a new location.

Flexible integration process

We offer a flexible integration process adapted to each company’s specific needs and circumstances. The objective is for owners, employees and customers to feel secure and with no values being lost. Our integration model has shown itself to be highly appreciated and has resulted in many companies approaching a generation shift or seeking a new ownership solution for other reasons contacting Assemblin independently.

Develop with us

As part of the Assemblin Group, you gain access to an extensive network of experienced and professional installation experts around the Nordic region. We are also able to contribute advanced purchasing, HR/payroll, finance, legal, IT and communication resources and offer well-developed training programmes in various areas for all employees. Through our many networks, we enrich one other by sharing our expertise and developing “best practices.”