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Throughout our innovative nation, businesses need a good indoor climate in order to develop. How is your air quality?

What we do

Assemblin is a complete installation and service partner with operations in Sweden and Norway with expertise in electrical engineering, heating and sanitation, ventilation, automation, data, telecom, cooling, sprinklers, security and more. 

We take responsibility for small and large contract assignments, as well as local and national service assignments.

Complex installation solutions

We make properties, facilities and industries work using smart solutions for technical installations. We perform complex installations in connection with new construction or renovation works. You can trust us to have all the necessary specialist knowledge in all our areas of technical work.

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Service gives security

You can have peace of mind with our customer-focused service agreement. We offer services in the full range of technical areas, but you only choose the areas you need. If you operate throughout the country, we also offer a national service agreement.

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Smart buildings with intelligent installation solutions

With the help of smart property technology combined with modern digital solutions, we can connect systems that automatically adapt heating, cooling and lighting to factors such as weather and the number of people in the building.

Our technology areas

Electrical engineering

We get properties, facilities and industries working using smart solutions for technical installations within electrical engineering. Our offer covers all types of electrical installations, from low current to high voltage up to 24 kV. We also have expertise in the industrial segment.

Heating and sanitation

We can offer combined expertise in various specialist areas within heating and sanitation. We work with the utmost care when it comes to quality, the environment, work environment and finances, and our employees are certified in accordance with the industry rules for Säker Vatteninstallation (Safe Water Installation).


Whatever your indoor climate requirements, we offer complete customised concepts and solutions. Our designers work closely with our production staff, which further enhances the quality of our deliveries. We can also assume responsibility for design coordination for all installations in an assignment.


We specialise in all property and industrial automation issues. Our main focus is on delivering equipment and functionality that supports property owners in their management, when operating finances, climate impact and indoor climate are important.

Data & telecom

We have extensive experience of installation solutions for data and telecom, in all types of properties and facilities. We can also develop integration solutions using your security technology or automation system.

District heating

As far as district heating is concerned we perform both turnkey contracts and smaller individual elements of district heating projects. Our broad expertise saves time, money and the environment, while guaranteeing sustainable long-term results. Our employees are certified in accordance with the Säker Vatteninstallation (Safe Water Installation) scheme.

Industrial pipes

We have extensive and broad experience of industrial installation and service. Within the industrial pipes segment, we focus on thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, cellulose industries, refineries, petrochemical and other chemical industries, as well as food and pharmaceutical industries.


We are a reliable, system-independent supplier of systems and instrumentation for industrial and process plants. In all instrumentation assignments we take overall responsibility for everything from materials, deliveries and assembly, through to commissioning and servicing of control and electrical equipment.


We are your competent and reliable expert in refrigeration technology and deliver everything from complete solutions for climate control with the greatest possible energy efficiency to simpler systems. Our refrigeration technology companies have been certified category 1 for refrigeration works.


For many years we have been a leading player in Sweden in sprinklers and are happy to take on your project – whether large or small. We make sure that your sprinkler system is adapted to your needs and complies with regulatory requirements and the demands of insurance companies. We are certified by Svensk Brand och Säkerhetscertifiering AB.


Our offer encompasses all aspects of security: access control systems, fire safety, burglar alarms and camera surveillance. We offer both separate security installations and solutions for integrated security, where we incorporate the security solution or system into other property systems.

Green technology

We like green technology. Who doesn’t? Green installations have a positive climate impact and often consume fewer resources, which also reduces the property’s total operating costs over time.

Assemblin as supplier

A responsible and committed partner

Quality, efficiency and productivity

With committed and competent employees who work systematically based on established and certified processes, we carry out our assignments efficiently and professionally according to good professional practice.

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A healthy culture and a safe working environment

Assemblin is permeated by a healthy culture and a strong focus on work environment and safety. With common values and common policies, we ensure a high standard throughout the company.

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With care for the environment and society

We take into account how our operations affect the environment and the society around us, and conduct structured sustainability work.

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