Assemblin accelerates digital transformation

Assemblin aims to be the best at taking advantage of the possibilities offered by new technology. To succeed in this requires a structured method of channelling and developing the many initiatives generated as part of our activities for the purpose of increasing customer benefit and internal efficiency.

Digitalisation agenda provides structure

Technical development is advancing rapidly, and in order to maintain our position as the leading installation company it is essential that all of us at Assemblin understand and take advantage of the possibilities offered by new technology. This means actively seeking out solutions that we can use to improve our delivery or simplify our work.

Assemblin has a common digital agenda with clear objectives for what we want to achieve in our digitalisation work. The digitalisation agenda also includes a common work methodology and management model to accelerate our digital transformation.

Local ideas – shared priorities

The power of enduring development and innovation work must be realised locally. The actual delivery and interaction with our customers is where needs arise and value-adding solutions are identified. That is naturally also true of development based on new technology. Therefore every business area has a dedicated resource tasked with mapping local initiatives and driving local digitalisation efforts. We have also launched a special digital suggestion box that our employees can use to post development suggestions.

For group-wide coordination and support, a digitalisation steering committee with representatives from all business areas has also been set up. It is the responsibility of the steering committee to follow up, prioritise and make decisions regarding central part-financing of local initiatives. The results are regularly reviewed by both group management and the group’s board of directors.