Strategies for success

Assemblin’s vision and overall ambition form the foundation of the company’s strategy in the areas seen as particularly important for ensuring continued success.

Customer and market strategy

Assemblin shall be a market leader in supporting our customers in the digital and green transformation by a complete and strong offering and deep know-how in its largest technological areas. We strive for a strong local presence with a position as market leader in selected locations in Sweden, Norway and Finland. We want a broad customer base, with the capacity to manage both small installation assignments and large, complex multi-tech assignments. For stability, we also strive for a balanced mix of project and service assignments. Read more about our offering

Acquisition strategy

Assemblin is actively looking for companies that supplement and strengthen our operations geographically or technologically. The most important selection criteria are documented earning capacity and an organisational and cultural match. The objective is to find companies that successively and wisely can be integrated into Assemblin’s operations and make a positive contribution to earnings. We work based on a clearly defined acquisition and integration process.

Operational strategy

With the insight that most installation assignments are local, and in order to ensure market-leading know-how, Assemblin has a firmly decentralized and technology-oriented organisation. However, to leverage economies of scale, minimise risks and ensure efficiency and a sound culture, there is a clearly defined Group-wide platform based on a framework of shared values, policies and guiding principles. Read more about corporate governance at Assemblin and about our culture

Climate strategy

Assemblin must keep pace with the transition in its business environment to a carbon-neutral society. Over time, we will minimise fossil-based sources of energy in heating our premises as well as fossil fuel for our vehicle fleet, and minimise products that use fossil-based materials. We will also actively make use of the opportunities that arise in climate adaptation by offering climate-smart products and solutions from a life-cycle perspective. Read more about our climate agenda

Digitalisation strategy

Assemblin will make use of the opportunities in new technology, primarily for the purpose of improving the customer experience and/or increasing efficiency. This means that our core business (contract and service assignments), our operations and our employees’ work day are central starting points in Assemblin’s digital transformation. We are following developments carefully and are open to collaborating with other players in our innovation ecosystem. Read more about our digital transformation.