Strategies for success

Assemblin’s vision and long-term ambitions form the basis for five overall strategies.

Customer and marketing strategy

Assemblin shall have a complete offering and leading expertise in the foremost areas of technology. We strive to maintain strong local presence, with market-leading positions in selected locations in Sweden, Norway and Finland. With our capacity to perform both smaller installation assignments and larger, complex multi-technical assignments, we aim to maintain a broad customer base. For stability, we also strive for a balanced mix of project and service assignments.

Acquisition strategy

Assemblin actively seeks companies that complement the operations geographically or technologically. The foremost selection criteria are a documented earnings capacity, as well as the organizational and cultural match with our business. The objective is to identify companies that can gradually be integrated into Assemblin’s operations and that can quickly contribute positively to earnings. We follow a clearly defined acquisition and integration process.

Operational strategy

With the understanding that most installation assignments are local, and to ensure market-leading expertise, Assemblin maintains a strong, decentralised and technology-oriented organisation. However, to take advantage of economies of scale, minimise risks and to ensure efficiency and a healthy culture, there is a clearly defined Group-wide platform based on a framework with shared values, shared policies and structured business risks management.

Climate strategy

Assemblin shall keep pace with the current climate transition and contribute actively to a carbon-neutral and sustainable society. Over time, we shall minimise fossil energy sources for heating our own premises, fossil fuels for our vehicle fleet and we shall minimize products that use on fossil-based materials. We shall also participate actively in the ongoing electrification of society and meet new needs that arise for climate-intelligent, resource-efficient products and solutions.

Digitisation strategy

Assemblin shall accelerate the possibilities offered by new technologies through continuous work on development and innovation. The purpose is to contribute actively with products and solutions for resource-efficient, intelligent and connected properties and communities, but also to streamline the internal processes, as well as the construction and production process in partnership with our customers. This means that our core operations (contracting and service assignments), the everyday life of our employees and the needs of our end customers are core foundation blocks in Assemblin’s digital transformation. We monitor developments closely and are open to partnering with other players in our innovation ecosystem.