Smart buildings with intelligent installation solutions

Can a property really be intelligent? Yes, we really think it can. With the help of smart property technology combined with modern digital solutions, we can connect systems that automatically adapt heating, cooling and lighting to external and internal conditions, such as the weather and the number of people in the building.

The benefits of connected properties

There are a number of benefits of smart buildings: you can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint while increasing well-being and productivity for the users of the property. Optimised technical systems also increase the service life of such systems and make them easier to maintain, which means lower operating costs in the long run. This is made possible by the fact that we use smart sensors and sensor technology (mainly IoT) and analyse data using artificial intelligence (AI).

Smart properties are sustainable properties, and best of all, often only a small investment is required to upgrade to a smart, modern automation system that provides great value.

Market-leading expertise in smart buildings

Assemblin is the market leader in smart, sustainable technical systems and products. We have a high level of competence in both property automation and industrial automation. We have experience of all the largest automation systems on the market, but in order to have a complete offering that is at the cutting edge, we can also offer our own automation products within BMS (building management systems) and IMC (individual metering and charging).

As with all our assignments, we adapt to the conditions in each property, and our experienced automation experts can help you throughout the journey – from analysis and solution design to installation and service.

Assemblin has extensive knowledge and experience of designing, installing and maintaining automation solutions in all types of buildings. And always with the goal of reducing energy consumption, lowering operating costs and optimising the indoor climate adapted to the building’s purpose and end users.