For everyone who likes green technology

As an installation company, we play an important role in the development of society, not least in the ongoing adaptation to climate change. That’s a task that we take very seriously.

As a leading installation expert, we can contribute by designing smart, energy-efficient and resource-efficient products and solutions. Assemblin is the obvious partner if you want to invest in green technology installations.

Leading expertise in green property technology

Assemblin constantly monitors market developments. With our broad and deep technological expertise combined with life cycle perspectives and a focus on sustainability, we help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and improve their environmental performance. For many years, we have been designing smart and sustainable solutions for use in all our technology areas. There is a green dimension to almost everything we do, but some of our services and products in particular stand out from an environmental perspective (see below).

Green deliveries

More and more customers are asking for green deliveries, which is something that we welcome. Often these assignments are linked to a request for adaptation of a building to a low-energy building (such as a passive building or a close-zero-energy building) or a certain environmental standard, but there may also be one-off requests for eco-friendly transport, recycling, waste sorting, etc. We are open to all discussions and can design our deliveries to ensure compliance with project requirements.

We are also very proud that our standard deliveries are becoming greener as we adapt our own business and vehicle fleet. With a stated climate goal and a concrete climate plan behind us, we are slowly but surely working towards a greener delivery and a more sustainable society. Read more about our environmental and sustainability work here.

Because we can. We want to. And we care.