Assemblin as an investment

Assemblin is to generate a strong yield through stable financial development, with controlled risks and a sound approach grounded in business ethics and limited environmental impact.

Stability with controlled risks

Assemblin’s operations are relatively independent of the business cycle. Its cost structure is flexible, and its assignment portfolio consists of a large share of service assignments that are often long-term and not sensitive to economic fluctuations. Its project portfolio is highly diverse, with a large number of customers operating in several sectors. The share of housing-related projects is low.

Well positioned in an exciting growth market

There are several driving factors behind the strong installation market, with the digital transformation and climate challenges being the most prominent of these. Assemblin combines the strength and advantages of a large company with the local presence of a small business, and we are well positioned in over 100 strategic locations in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Profitable growth and strong cash flows

Assemblin’s objective is to have the best profitability in the market. With a well-developed offering and local presence, we are creating the conditions for healthy organic growth, and our strong cash flows also give us the muscle to grow through acquisitions. We are selective, however, and only acquire companies with solid profitability and whose cultures match ours.

A sound culture in skills-based, decentralised operations

We are thoroughly convinced that installation operations are best carried out locally, and based on the field of technology. Our operations are therefore firmly decentralised, and to ensure a market-leading position they are also technology-based. Using an unambiguous framework, we can simultaneously maintain a strong ethical standard, a shared culture based on common values, and our ambitions regarding sustainability.