Our employees are our foremost asset

Our employees shall come home safe and sound after a day at work. At the same time, many of our workplaces are hazardous environments. Work environment, health and safety issues are therefore extra important to us.

Real safety work

We have a clear zero-tolerance for accidents in the workplace. No one should be injured at work. To reach our goal of no injuries, we constantly strive to improve our safety efforts. Examples of activities carried out in each business area are continuous risk inventories, risk analyses, internal campaigns and comprehensive training programmes. To us it goes without saying that our employees should have the right expertise, authorisation and equipment to carry out their work in a safe and secure way.

To show that we are serious about workplace safety, we also co-founded the Swedish industry initiative “Håll Nollan”.

Preventative healthcare

Our employees’ health is important to us as well as them. At Assemblin we have a number of health-promoting initiatives, but they exist on a local level and thus differ from one workplace to the next. Examples include step-counting competitions, participating in exercise runs, internal campaigns and subsidised exercise cards. All our employees are also offered regular medical examinations. We carefully monitor sick leave statistics and actively work to reduce sick leave, especially long-term sick leave.