Sustainable value creating

Assemblin’s business operation is based on a sustainable business model in which value creation for people and the environment is a precondition for positive development over time.

Our definition of sustainability

Our objective is to run a profitable, healthy business with respect for the world around us, and that we shall manage our own and other’s resources efficiently. This means that we must take care of our employees and other resources we use in our business, and that we must consider the impact that our service and installation solutions give rise to. This enables us to contribute to positive social development.

Sustainability management at Assemblin

In Assemblin’s decentralised organisation, work on sustainability takes place within each business area. A central Sustainability Committee has been set up for necessary coordination and follow-up. The Sustainability Committee has the task of monitoring legislation, following up on various sustainability initiatives carried out in our business, channelling and sharing good ideas and preparing background data on common issues for decisions at Group management level. The convenor of Assemblin’s Sustainability Committee is the Group’s Head of Communications, Åsvor Brynnel.

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Our significant and material sustainability aspects

Assemblin has defined thirteen significant aspects that are particularly important from a sustainability perspective. We work actively with these issues in different ways and also monitor the status by analysing various key indicators.

Material sustainability aspects