A healthy and inclusive culture

At Assemblin you can be yourself, but there are two things which we do not accept: discrimination or unethical conduct.

Assemblin is a decentralised business, which means that our culture and ways of working differ from one business area to the next. However, we have certain cornerstones in common: our shared values (core values) and ethical approach (Code of Conduct). They form the basis of all our work, and how we treat our customers and each other.

Our business ethics

The Assemblin group has a joint Code of Conduct which spells out our ethical and moral approach in all our activities.

Our Code of Conduct includes principles for handling competition issues, conflicts of interest, confidential information, gifts and benefits for customers and suppliers, etc. It also prohibits discrimination and exclusion of a person due to their age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political opinions or ethnic background.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct are not acceptable. Assemblin’s intranet includes a whistle blower function where employees can report suspected breaches of the Code of Conduct. All reports are carefully followed up on, and documented breaches are reported to the board of directors, which in turn decides what action to take.

Assemblin also has a Code of Conduct that applies to our suppliers.


Code of Conduct

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