So that we can make a difference.

Of course, we need good ideas and wise thoughts, but it is our actions that make the difference. We deliver smart and sustainable installation and service solutions for the future.

Assemblin Charge

With its complete solution Assemblin Charge, Assemblin is taking the lead in the development of smart, sustainable services for charging infrastructure.

Assemblin as an investment

Assemblin is to generate a strong yield through stable financial development, with controlled risks and a sound approach grounded in business ethics and limited environmental impact.

Assemblins approach to the Covid-19 pandemic

Assemblin is carefully tracking the development of the Corona pandemic and continuously evaluates the consequences on our operations and staff.

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It's the inside that matters

This is Sigge. Great dog. Has heart and personality so it is enough and over. Which is the most important thing. The same applies to buildings. Beautiful facades are great. But it’s on the inside life happens.