So that everyday life can run smoothly.

Life goes on in houses and homes. Our ambition is that things should run smoothly, allowing people to focus on what’s important. Do you have enough hot water?

Smart and sustainable installations. By people, for people.

Assemblin designs, installs, and maintains technical systems for air, energy, and water. Although these are systems that you rarely see, they are systems that make buildings work and that make people feel comfortable. Installed by skilled staff who have their hearts in the right place. And all this is made possible through our close local partnerships, supported by a strong organization.

About us

Assemblins approach to the Covid-19 pandemic

Assemblin is carefully tracking the development of the Corona pandemic and continuously evaluates the consequences on our operations and staff.

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It's the inside that matters

This is Sigge. Great dog. Has heart and personality so it is enough and over. Which is the most important thing. The same applies to buildings. Beautiful facades are great. But it’s on the inside life happens.