Tranås Energi

Assemblin was responsible for the pipework contract at Tranås Energi’s new combined heating and power plant, which opened at the end of 2014. The project was Tranås Municipality’s biggest investment to date and thanks to the new furnace, the power and heating produced are 100% renewable.

  • Tranås Energi

The new bio-furnace has capacity for 25 MW, of which 7 MW is electricity. The heating and power plant includes large amounts of industrial pipework in different dimensions – steam pipes, condensate pipes, feedwater pipes, district heating pipes, as well as pipes for compressed air and sooty fumes.

The project required a lot of advanced welding in confined spaces, and some parts called for heat treatment during and after welding. There were high demands on documentation and traceability. Some of the work was carried out as prefab at Assemblin’s workshop in Gothenburg. At most there were 25 fitters and welders working on the project.