Bovieran’s buildings for homes contain a concept involving a lot of plants; it should feel like living on the Riviera, only in Sweden. The plants are sensitive, requiring the right temperature and air humidity all year round.

  • Bovieran

Bovieran’s business concept entails making all the technical systems completely identical, so as to offer cost-effective housing. Bovieran was therefore looking for business partners with plenty of breadth and experience.

Assemblin has been a partner since Bovieran’s first project, and the companies have developed the concept together. As the collaboration with Bovieran has developed, so we have been entrusted with more areas. On an ongoing basis we provide recommendations on how the systems can be refined while in operation, and ahead of new builds.

We have almost 40 years’ experience of property automation and are independent of manufacturer. Bovieran find that we have good customer focus and commitment, and take responsibility for ensuring that the customer’s system remains fully functional.