Lighthouse signals greener future

NKT’s factory in Karlskrona is one of the world’s largest facilities for the production of submarine cables. The factory, which is operated using 100-percent green electricity, has expanded its production with, among other things, a new tower, the “NKT Lighthouse”, which with its height of 150 metres above ground is Sweden’s third highest.

  • NKT

Over the past two years or so, Assemblin has been conducting a multi-technical assignment at the factory. Besides the new tower, the project comprises several outbuildings, including a switchgear building and the foundations for a nitrogen gas tank. Assemblin’s assignments have included design and installation work in electricity, telecommunications, data and security, heating and sanitation, automation, ventilation and cooling. Sprinklers have been installed in the part of the tower that is above ground and, as part of a side agreement, district heating and cooling have also been installed at the facility. The assignment is expected to be completed around the end of 2022/start of 2023.

Successful collaboration in a complex assignment

“Although this is a highly complex project that has challenged our organisation, we have demonstrated our strength and everyone has worked in solution-oriented way and made an exemplary effort. We have had a very good working climate both internally within Assemblin and in collaboration with our client,” says Tommy Ljungkrantz, Production Manager for the heating and sanitation part of the project.

To achieve the EU’s climate targets for CO2 emissions, major investments are required in the European infrastructure that transmits and distributes renewable energy from, for example, offshore wind power. This is increasing demand for high voltage power cable systems that connect countries and transport green electricity.