ESS in Lund is one of the world’s most advanced research facilities, unique in its kind. Here, Assemblin has, among other things, designed and installed power systems, electrical systems (including in the 537 meter long accelerator tunnel), ventilation, fire alarms, communication systems and laid high-voltage cables.

  • SEC Skanska ESS Construction

In this project, Assemblins’ superior technical expertise, combined with the large-scale use of digital tools and automation solutions has contributed to an efficient process as well as sustainable and smart solutions in a sensitive and advanced industrial environment.

Assemblins’ first assignment with SEC Skanska ESS Construction started in 2015 and was extended with ESS by an assignment regarding the accelerator tunnel in 2020. Both assignments will end in 2022.

Facts – main assignment

708,600 m of cable
22,500 m cable ladder
5,300 luminaires
Equipotential cabling 79,400 m
50 people
Contract value SEK 370 m

Facts – extended assignment

810,000 m of cable
14,700 cables
29,100 power contacts
Contract value SEK 200 m