Säffle parish

Assemblin’s Internet of Things solution for Säffle parish reduces both costs and environmental impact by automating the heating of the parish’s buildings. It also preserves the antiquarian value of the old churches.

  • Säffle parish, Swedish church

Säffle is considered to be the parish within the Church of Sweden that in recent years has developed and introduced the most improvements in terms of smooth energy-efficient real estate operations. In 2014, they launched a project to automate the heating of their buildings. 20 buildings, including 13 churches, were included in the project. Many of them are old, with four churches dating back to the 12th century.

Assemblin’s solution for Säffle parish is based on using the internet to connect the control and regulation system for heating the buildings with the church’s booking system and weather data.

After various adjustments and ongoing improvement work, concrete results are now being seen.

“Since 2010, our energy consumption has decreased by about 41 per cent, almost two-thirds of which is down to the effect of the IoT system over the past two years. That’s great of course for both our finances and environmental impact. But it also saves us a lot of working time and worry. We no longer need to manually manage the heating of each site. We don’t need to wonder if our churches are being heated in a reasonable way for activities taking place there, or if we have the right humidity in the old, sensitive medieval churches,” says Katarina Bjerker, Cemetery and Property Manager in Säffle parish, who continues:

“The partnership with Assemblin has been very positive. Together we have solved the challenges over time. Now we have a cross-system solution that is already delivering great benefits, and that can be managed and developed flexibly in the future.”

“I view this solution as a very interesting model for other parishes and dioceses within the Church of Sweden and also for other property portfolios with irregular use and sensitive environments,” says Johannes Wikström, energy expert at Karlstad diocese.