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About Triton

Building better businesses

Assemblin is owned by Triton since 2015.

Triton is an international investment company founded in 1997. The company’s objective is to enable the creation of better companies through long-term partnerships.

Triton invests in medium-sized companies domiciled in Europe that are active in the industry, business services, and consumer and health sectors.

Triton’s funds have around 100 investors, which include organisations such as pension funds, state-owned capital funds, insurance companies and foundations. In assessing investments and taking decisions, Triton takes into account the environment, social responsibility and ownership governance, which is favourable to longterm value creation.

Since its founding, Triton has completed more than 60 investments and supported more than 260 acquisitions.

For more information, please visit www.triton-partners.com


The Board

The Board of Assemblin has six members. In addition to the board members, Assemblins' CEO and CFO, and, if necessary, other employees from Assemblin also participate in the board meetings. The General Counsel of Assemblin is the Secretary of the Board.

The Board has chosen to establish a separate Audit Committee, which includes Susanne Ekblom (as Chairman), Young Kim and Mats Jönsson, and a Project Committee, which includes Mats Jönsson (as Chairman) and Mats Wäppling.

Board Members

  • Mats_Wäppling©Fond&Fond _06A2484-Redigera_square.jpg

    Chairman of the Board

    Mats Wäppling

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    Born in: 1956      

    Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2017.

    Education: M.Sc. in Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

    Professional experience: From 2007 to 2012 Mats was President and CEO at Sweco. Before that, Mats had the position as Vice President at NCC after a long time at Skanska including the position as Vice President.  

    Other current assignments: Chairman of the Board of PKM Invest, Ramudden AB and Vectura AB. Member of the Board of Directors of Vesper, Chevron, Campus X and Pontus Lönnström Motorsport AB.

  • Susanne_Ekblom©Fond&Fond _06A2462-Redigera_square.jpg

    Board member

    Susanne Ekblom

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    Born in: 1966

    Member of the Board of Directors and Head of the Audit Committee since 2019.

    Education: BA in Business and Administration, Stockholm University.

    Professional experience: Consultant in own company since 2020. Previously, President and CEO at Vectura Fastigheter AB, CFO at Investor AB, CFO at SVT and various roles within the Scania Group.

  • Leif_Gustafsson_SVK7150_square.jpg

    Board Member

    Leif Gustafsson

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    Born in: 1967

    Member of the Board of Directors since 2017.

    Education: Construction Engineer, Market Economy IHM.

    Professional experience: President and CEO at Cramo Group since 2016. CEO at Stena Recycling International 2012 - 2016, President at Stena Recycling AB 2008 - 2012. President at YIT in Sweden 2003 - 2008. Division Manager at ABB 1999 - 2003.

    Other current appointments: Member of Board of Directors of ERA (European Rental Association). 

  • Mats_Jönsson©Fond&Fond-.jpg

    Board Member

    Mats Jönsson

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    Born in: 1957      

    Member of Board of Directors since 2017.

    Education: M.Sc. in Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).    

    Professional experience: Previously President and CEO at Coor Service Management, various positions at Skanska including President and CEO Skanska Services.

    Other current appointments: Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tengbom and Lekolar. Member of the Board of Directors of Coor Service Management and NCC.

  • Young_Kim©Fond&Fond _06A2501-Redigera_square.jpg

    Board Member

    Young Kim

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    Born in: 1985      

    Member of the Board of Directors since 2015.

    Education: M.Sc. in Engineering Physics, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

    Professional experience: Currently Investment Professional at Triton Partners. Before this, Young worked with investment banking at Credit Suisse and Stella Capital Advisors.

    Other current appointments: Board member of Aleris.

  • Anders_Thulin©Fond&Fond _06A2759-Redigera_square.jpg

    Board Member

    Anders Thulin