Owner and board

About Triton

Assemblin Caverion Group is mainly owned by Triton. Triton is an international investment company founded in 1997. The company’s objective is to enable the creation of better companies through long-term partnerships. Triton invests in medium-sized companies domiciled in Europe that are active in the industry, business services, and consumer and health sectors.

Triton’s funds have around 100 investors, which include organisations such as pension funds, state-owned capital funds, insurance companies and foundations. In assessing investments and taking decisions, Triton takes into account the environment, social responsibility and ownership governance, which is favourable to longterm value creation.

Since its founding, Triton has completed more than 60 investments and supported more than 260 acquisitions.

For more information, please visit www.triton-partners.com

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has overall responsibility for the company’s organisation and management as well as governance, monitoring and control. The duties of the Board are set forth in the Swedish Companies Act and the Swedish Code of Conduct, the work of the Board is regulated by the rules of procedure of the Board, which the Board adopts each year. The rules of procuredure govern the division of work and responsibility among the Board, its chairman and the CEO. The Board also adopts instructions for the Board committees, the CEO and the financial reporting. 

The Board of directors of Assemblin consists of five members elected by the general meeting on March 27, 2024, for the period until the end of the annual general meeting that will be helt in 2025. The Board is presented at assemblincaverion.com:

Assemblin Caverion Group Board

In addition to the board members, the Groups' CEO and CFO, and, if necessary, other employees from Assemblin Caverion Group also participate in the board meetings. The General Counsel of Assemblin Caverion Group is the Secretary of the Board.