Diversity, equality and inclusion

Within Assemblin there is a group-wide Code of Conduct (CoC) which clarifies the ethical and moral approach in the entire operation, and which includes diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Zero tolerance for harassment and abuse

Our Code of Conduct includes principles for, among other things, handling competition issues, conflicts of interest, confidential information, gifts and benefits to customers and suppliers. It also states that discrimination and exclusion of a person based on age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion, or ethnic background must not occur.

Assemblin has a zero-tolerance vision for harassment and abuse in relation to diversity, equality and abuse - the obvious starting point is that no violations of our code of conduct must occur. This is followed up, among other things, in Assemblin's group-wide employee survey. We also have a whistleblower portal where all employees can anonymously report harassment and other suspicions of violations of the code of conduct. All reports are followed up carefully, and measures are taken in case of violations.

Culture and values

A group-wide action plan

In the installation industry, the proportion of women is low, and Assemblin therefore focuse on increasing the proportion of women in the business. Since 2023, there has been a group-wide action plan for increased diversity and inclusion with a focus on gender equality, which applies to all operations in Assemblin. Various activities and initiatives are listed here with the aim of attracting more women. You will find the action plan in the link list. In addition to this, several initiatives are carried out in each business area and locally. Some business areas also have chosen to set a quantitative equality target in their business plan.

Follow-up and reporting

Assemblin continuously monitors the percentage of women in the business, both among employees and among senior executives. This is presented annually in our external Sustainability Report