Stora Tullhuset

A new use of the historic Stora Tullhuset customs building was being sought in Stockholm, which led to a major new construction project being started in 2007 to make room for Fotografiska, Stockholm’s photographic museum.

  • Ports of Stockholm

Assemblin was contracted to deliver power and lighting, along with a complete security solution including fire, burglar and evacuation alarms, as well as an access control system and tele-data network. Assemblin installed a sprinkler system in the building.

At several places in the premises the installations had to be adapted so as not to disrupt the visual impression, which was very important to the client.

The refurbishment received some excellent acclaim. In 2011, Ports of Stockholm was awarded the ROT prize by the association of master builders for the year’s best refurbishment project in Stockholm. Assemblin was one of the companies that made this possible.