Niini & Co Oy

When sustainability-conscious printing company Niini & Co Oy chose to focus on the energy efficiency of its property in Helsinki, the assignment was awarded to Assemblin. The project is estimated to reduce emissions by 100,000 kg of carbon dioxide, which is the equivalent of the emissions created by heating 41 homes.

  • Akiva Oy

The Finnish printing company Niini & Co Oy has a 63-year history and several facilities in Finland. The property at Höyläämötie 2 in Helsinki serves as both its head office and a printing plant.

“We feel a great responsibility for our company’s environmental impact, and we are constantly developing our business with environmental considerations in mind,” says Heikki Juvonen, Quality and Environmental Manager at Niini. “One of the most important goals of our environmental work is to reduce our energy consumption, which is why we wanted to improve the technology at our property.”

Together with the property owner Akiva Oy, Niini initiated an energy efficiency project and hired Assemblin to plan and implement the measures in the form of a turnkey contract.

The printing plant consumes a lot of energy, but it also generates a lot of heat energy. That is being exploited as part of the project, with the waste heat from production being reused to heat the premises. The result is a significant reduction in energy consumption.

The project also involves upgrading the building automation system. The new technology can provide more accurate information on energy consumption and react more intelligently to factors that affect the building, such as the weather.

“Assemblin monitors the property’s values remotely and reports the energy savings and other improvements being made directly to us,” says Jyrki Merjamaa from Akiva.

The goal is to reduce the property’s energy consumption in terms of heating by up to 50 per cent. The total annual reduction is estimated to be 100,000 kg of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the CO2 emissions created by heating 41 homes.

“We are very pleased with the project, not least because the investments that we are currently making will pay off in the form of energy savings,” says Jyrki Merjamaa from Akiva.