Bomhus Energi

Under the joint-ownership name of Bomhus Energi AB, the biomass-fuelled power and heating plant that will provide Korsnäs and other industrial companies with energy is being built. The plant also needs to secure the supply of eco-friendly heating in Gävle’s district heating network.

  • Bomhus Energi AB

The project went ahead to a very tight schedule, and was extremely comprehensive with tough demands on logistics. The plant is in the Korsnäs industrial zone, and the work was largely performed outdoors in a coastal environment, where it is often damp and windy.

Assemblin was responsible for all the power and instrumentation in these areas, apart from work directly linked to the boiler, which was carried out by the boiler supplier. Our brief also encompassed a power contract. At most we had around 60 electricians on site. Assemblin has good breadth in electrical engineering, along with experience of major industrial projects.