Gothia Towers

Assemblin worked on the extension of the Gothia Towers. Eight new floors were added to one of the towers, making it 25 floors high.

  • Peab

The floors are now home to 49 new 5-star hotel rooms, a spa and relaxation zone over three floors, and a bar and restaurant at the very top of the hotel.

The project entailed several challenges: the entire construction had to be carried out high above ground level, and with an even larger construction project taking place very close by as a third tower was being built. And as if that wasn’t enough, the build was on top of a fully functioning 248-room hotel. The installations were complex and extensive. The three-floor spa zone, including two indoor and one outdoor pool, a sauna and steam room, requires a lot of technical systems to work.

Assemblin was contracted for the heating, sanitation and cooling installations in all the hotel rooms, and in the spa zone. Assemblin was responsible for the automation work in the contract, with a total of six large cubicles. The cubicles control fans and pumps, and contain equipment that controls and regulates the indoor climate in the new parts of the hotel. They were designed and manufactured at Assemblin’s workshop in Mölndal.