Turning Torso

Assemblin designed and installed a comprehensive sprinkler system in the 190 metre high Turning Torso tower. The Turning Torso is Malmö’s new landmark and a unique building, bringing together homes, businesses and meeting environments.

  • HSB Malmö

It is in Malmö’s attractive new Västra Hamnen district, which contains several spectacular examples of modern architecture. Our challenge was to develop a bespoke concept for installing the firefighting system in this special building for the client, housing company HSB Malmö.

The primary concern is that the tenants have a fire safety system that offers the highest level of protection. Moreover, the architect and building contractor could realise their visions without having to compromise due to technical limitations. Using a sprinkler system for fire safety also allows greater scope for flexible floor solutions. Moreover, the fire insurance premiums are lower and there are also environmental benefits, as the system emits a minimum of smoke and extinguishing water if it is ever triggered.