At the 24-hour Flamingo in Finland, you can shop, eat in a restaurant, stay in a hotel or swim in the waterpark. The entertainment centre, located in Vantaa near Helsinki, is now undergoing a thorough upgrade to increase its energy efficiency.

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In addition to increased energy efficiency, the project, which was awarded to Assemblin at the start of the year, will also contribute to a reduced carbon footprint and improved indoor climate. Thanks to the project, Flamingo is able to reduce its heating energy consumption by 35–40% and its electricity consumption by 10–15% per year.

“The project significantly reduces emissions, while also making it possible to recycle energy. The measures undertaken as part of the project will reduce Flamingo’s carbon footprint by an amount equivalent to approximately 230 round-the-world car trips per year,” says Account Manager Tytti Juhokas at the insurance company Varma, which is the developer.

Comprehensive assignment involving 60 measures

Assemblin is carrying out the project as a turnkey delivery, and the technically demanding assignment includes almost 60 different energy-efficiency measures involving all the technical systems at the property. The measures will ensure the technology works more efficiently, while improving energy efficiency. Assemblin has also provided a savings guarantee that will apply during the follow-up phase.

The project utilises, among other things, carbon dioxide heat pumps for the recovery of heat from the ventilation and wastewater systems. This innovative wastewater heat recovery system is the first of its kind and one of the largest in the real estate sector in Finland.

“We’re currently installing the heat recovery system with its carbon dioxide heat pumps and laying the cables for additional sensors in the automation system,” says Project Manager Esa-Pekka Koikkalainen at Assemblin.

Challenges overcome thanks to good cooperation

He says that the greatest challenges so far have been the fact that Flamingo has 24/7 operations and that the installations are demanding. However, all the challenges have been overcome thanks to good communication and a strong team spirit among everyone involved. Assemblin is working closely with the client Varma and Coor, which is responsible for property services at Flamingo.