Changes in Assemblin’s Board of Directors

Peder Prahl, CEO and Managing Partner at Triton, has been elected as a member of Assemblin’s Board of Directors.

At an Extraordinary General Meeting, Peder Prahl was elected as a regular member of Assemblin’s Board of Directors, while Anders Thulin is stepping down from the Board.

Peder Prahl (1964) is CEO and Managing Partner of Assemblin’s main shareholder Triton, specialising in the services and health sectors. He has an MBA and a degree in Economics from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Following these changes, the Board of Directors now comprises independent members Mats Jönsson (Chairman of the Board), Susanne Ekblom and Per-Ingemar Persson, as well as shareholder representatives Peder Prahl and Hans Petter Hjellestad. Further information on Assemblin’s Board of Directors can be found at Assemblin’s website under the tab “investors/corporate governance”.

For further information, contact:
Åsvor Brynnel, Head of Communications and Sustainability, Assemblin,,
+46 10 475 39 48

About Assemblin

Assemblin is an end-to-end installation and service partner with operations in Sweden, Norway and Finland. We design, install and maintain technical systems and solutions for air, water and energy. Our vision is to create smart and sustainable installations that make buildings work and people feel comfortable. We make this possible through close local collaboration and are supported by a strong organisation. We have annual sales of SEK 14.4 billion and about 7,000 dedicated employees at some 100 locations in the Nordic region. Read more at