We fine-tune existing systems

Professional service and operational optimisation measures can provide significant energy savings.

Professional service extends the life of your systems

Energy efficiency is very much about sound active management of a building’s existing systems. The operation of a building accounts for about 80 percent of its total lifetime expenses, with fully 50 percent deriving from energy consumption. Through our nationwide service organisation, we can offer ongoing monitoring and service, which extends the lifetime of the existing systems and guarantees energy efficiency over time.

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Decreased energy consumption through operational optimisation and well-informed end users

Assemblin can also offer individually tailored measures, including adjusting and optimising heating, cooling and tap water systems in existing properties. These are relatively simple measures that can provide considerable savings for a property portfolio. We also maintain industry-leading expertise in individual metering and debiting (IMD), helping property owners measure, analyse and optimise the indoor climate in their properties.

There is also much to be gained by involving end users in ongoing efforts with regard to energy efficiency. We offer advanced software that coordinates and visualises all measurement points in a clear and enlightening manner, providing property managers and end users a foundation of useful information from which behavioural changes can be sought.