Install future-proof solutions

Investments in new, energy-efficient property systems benefit climate and wallet alike.

Holistic perspective provides optimal solutions

When installing or replacing a technical system, a holistic perspective is required, as well as a thorough understanding of how the property’s technical systems interact for optimal results. Assemblin maintains superior levels of skill in a large number of technical areas particularly with regard to energy-efficient systems for heating, water, ventilation, cooling and lighting. We continuously monitor market developments, keeping abreast of the latest technology and maintaining a good knowledge of new legal requirements in the areas of energy, standards, materials and methods. We are brand independent and have experience of the most common system manufacturers, meaning that we can help you identify the best solution for your property.

Leaders in intelligent and green technology

In recent years, we have, in particular, invested in strengthening our offering in automation/BMS and green technology in connection with geothermal and ground heat, solar panels, solar collectors, heat exchangers and district heating. We have also developed one of the market’s most intelligent electric car charging concepts, Assemblin Charge, as well as a secure concept for the installation of solar panels, Assemblin Concept. High electricity prices cut the depreciation period for such investments, with the benefits of the investment being felt much earlier. We can assist with profitability calculations and then assume responsibility for the actual installation – from planning/design to production and commissioning.

Green technology

Smart buildings