A brighter choice

At Assemblin Solar, we’re not just installing solar panels. We set a new standard for what good solar energy means. Reliable, future-proof solutions with additional functions and services to help you create a smarter and more sustainable house. Managed with high quality and devoted support. All for a brighter future. Just as good for you as for the planet we live on.

Better for both you and the planet

With us you make a good investment. One that helps you to reduce your energy costs, while minimizing your environmental impact at the same time.

A safer choice

At Assemblin Solar we have you covered. Reliable and future-proof solar solutions from a well-managed company with bright future prospects.

Support on your terms

We are here for you with support regardless of what you need help with. And with our local presence, you can feel secure that we are always close at hand.

More for your house

We have a wide competence far beyond solar energy, offering additional features to make your house smarter and more sustainable. From car charging solutions to automatic lighting, temperature regulation and much more.

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Assemblin Solar