Assemblin to participate in attractive housing project in Örebro

At the behest of Görtz Fastigheter AB, Assemblin Ventilation is to design and install all ventilation at the Fåfängan housing project in Örebro. The installation work commenced in September and will continue until the autumn of 2025. In total, the order is valued at about SEK 16.5 million.

In central Örebro, a new residential block is being developed, the Fåfängan block, with 245 apartments over six to twelve floors. The buildings are designed to resemble a traditional neighbourhood around an urban square with shops at ground level. The objective is to create an attractive and cohesive residential and working environment. New parking facilities will be constructed at the basement and ground floor levels. Görtz Fastigheter has now assigned Assemblin Ventilation responsibility for the ventilation in the new block.

“The Fåfängan block is an attractive and well-thought-out housing project. Together with Görtz Fastigheter AB and the other actors involved, we are very pleased to have been entrusted with contributing to an efficient construction process and a positive end result,” says Håkan Ekvall, President and Business Area Manager for Assemblin Ventilation.

For more information, contact:
Håkan Ekvall, President and Business Area Manager, Assemblin Ventilation,,
+46 10 452 72 63
Robin Bergström, Branch Office Manager Assemblin Ventilation,,
+46 10 202 85 56
Åsvor Brynnel, Head of Communications and Sustainability, Assemblin,
+46 10 475 39 48

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