Assemblin Q3 Interim Financial Information (January – September) 2023

A stable third quarter.

“Assemblin continues to deliver stable profitability at a favourable level. In the third quarter, the EBITA margin amounted to 6.7 percent (6.7), contributing to our now having an adjusted EBITA margin of 7.1 percent (7.0) on a rolling 12-month basis.”
Mats Johansson, President and CEO, Assemblin

Third quarter (July–September) 2023

  • Net sales for the quarter increased by 8.6 percent to SEK 3,265 million (3,006), of which 2.5 percentage points were organic growth, 4.9 were acquisition-driven and 1.2 were currency-driven.
  • The adjusted EBITA increased to SEK 219 million (200), and the adjusted EBITA margin amounted to 6.7 percent (6.7). Items affecting comparability amounted to an expense of SEK 2 million (1).
  • The loss for the quarter amounted to SEK 100 million (profit 71).
  • Order intake amounted to SEK 2,642 million (2,629).
  • In July, a Stockholm-based electrical installation company was acquired with 20 employees and annual sales of about SEK 35 million.

The period (JanuarySeptember) 20231)

  • Net sales for the period increased by 11.5 percent to SEK 10,695 million (9,588), of which 5.8 percentage points were organic growth, 5.1 were acquisition-driven and 0.7 were currency-driven.
  • The adjusted EBITA increased to SEK 715 million (624), and the adjusted EBITA margin increased to 6.7 percent (6.5). Items affecting comparability amounted to an expense of SEK 27 million (6).
  • The loss for the period amounted to SEK 44 million (profit 231).
  • Order intake increased to SEK 9,831 million (9,568).
  • The order backlog at the end of the period was SEK 9,144 million (9,672).
  1. The Interim Financial Information presented in this document reflects the financial and operational development of the consolidated Assemblin Financing AB (formerly Assemblin Group AB) group for the period 2022-01-01 – 2023-05-02 and subsequently the consolidated Assemblin Group AB (formerly Apollo Swedish Bidco AB) group for the period 2023-05-03 – 2023-09-30.

The full Interim Financial Information (and previous reports) is published on the company’s website at under the “Investor” tab.

Invitation to an investor presentation

On November 3, at 9:30 CET, the company’s President and CFO will present developments in the quarter in a webcast.
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Future reporting dates

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Additional disclosure for bond holders

Additional disclosure for holders of Assemblin Senior Secured Notes  is published on Assemblin´s webpage under the “Investor” tab.

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