Assemblin launches initiative in solar cell installations

To meet accelerating demand for solar cells, Assemblin has developed a new concept for their installation, Assemblin Solar, which will initially be launched in selected locations in western Sweden in the spring of 2023.

Solar cell solutions have developed rapidly, drastically reducing the cost of a solar cell installation in recent years. Combined with current high energy prices, this has brought substantially increased demand for solar cell solutions.

“High energy prices have radically changed the calculation of an investment in solar cells. Today, the depreciation period is much shorter and, generally speaking, you can expect to write off the costs for a solar cell installation over four to eight years. Calculations also show that solar cells can reduce the need to purchase electricity by 25-35 percent, which is naturally attractive for property owners. We believe that solar cell installations represent a strong and growing trend that is set to continue,” says Fredrik Allthin, President and Business Area Manager for Assemblin Electrical.

Today, there are many smaller and relatively young solar cell installers in the market, while there is no nationwide, stable player with sufficient capacity for stakeholders who value security, in-depth technical knowledge and experience. To meet this demand, Assemblin has, for some time, been developing a concept to be able to effectively administrate and respond to enquiries from various actors - for private and corporate customers alike. The solar initiative will be branded as Assemblin Solar.

“Assemblin has the ambition, networks and structures needed for an initiative in solar cell installations. Nonetheless, an adapted platform and organisation is required to efficiently process customers in the private market and this is something we worked on during the autumn. In the development process, we are collaborating with our colleagues at our subsidiary Electrotec Energy, a well-established solar cell company operating in Varberg. We will be launching Assemblin Solar over the spring, starting in western Sweden, and we aim to quickly scale up the initiative after that,” says Fredrik Allthin.

“Assemblin Solar is an important piece of the puzzle in our ambition to be able to offer customers smart and green electrical systems. We are strengthened by our successful initiative with our own concept for electric car charging, Assemblin Charge, and now hope that it will be possible to develop Assemblin Solar in the same way. This is an important initiative for us and we are pleased to be able to aid the transition to a climate-smart society in this area too,” says Fredrik Allthin.

For further information, contact:
Fredrik Allthin, President, Assemblin Electrical Engineering,, +46 10 472 40 10
Åsvor Brynnel, Head of Communications and Sustainability, Assemblin,,
+46 10 475 39 48

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