Focus on safety in work environment

Safety in work environment is a priority for Assemblin, which annually conducts national safety campaigns throughout its operations. In Sweden, this year’s safety campaign will take place in connection with the “Håll Nollan” (Keep it at Zero) industry initiative’s safety drive on September, 20.

Many of Assemblin’s employees work in hazardous work environments, and certain tasks are particularly risky. They may involve working at heights, hot work, sharp tools, risk of electrocution, receiving heavy goods or stress. Accordingly, safety in work environment is a high priority issue for Assemblin.

“Our clear vision is to achieve zero workplace accidents, with the obvious objective of no one being hurt at work. For this reason, we undertake active and structured efforts to prevent and reduce the number of accidents. In this work, we apply the motto ‘we work safely – or not at all’ – a principle that I personally stand behind. All of our employees must return home in good condition after the end of the working day,” says Mats Johansson, President and CEO of Assemblin.

A safety organization has been established within Assemblin for a long time, with centrally positioned Quality, Environment and Work Environment Managers, as well as local Health and Safety Representatives. Other measures to strengthen a sound safety culture include extensive training programmes and skills mapping, as well as ongoing follow-up and analysis of risk observations, incidents and accidents. Above this, all employees have their own telephone or tablet with which they can easily report observations and deviations digitally. Assemblin also applies its own standard for personal protective equipment. Specific safety campaigns are also conducted annually, aimed at drawing attention to various safety issues.

“Our safety campaigns are coordinated nationally. At Assemblin in Finland, the safety campaign was held in May, and at Assemblin in Norway, it was held earlier in September. Here in Sweden, we have chosen to synchronize our safety campaign with the industry’s ‘Håll Nollan’ safety drive, to be carried out on 20 September. In connection with this various safety measures will therefore be implemented throughout our Swedish operations, including risk assessments, safety inspections of our cars and projects, inspections of personal protective equipment and/or evacuation exercises at our offices,” says Mats Johansson.

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