Assemblin takes a leading position in district heating through the acquisition of Roslagens Värmemontage

Assemblin Heating & Sanitation is acquiring Roslagens Värmemontage AB, with 48 skilled employees and annual sales of approximately SEK 80 million. The acquisition is in line with Assemblin’s strategy of growing in areas that contribute to society’s transition to renewable energy, making Assemblin one of Sweden’s leading district heating installers.

Since 1988, Roslagens Värmemontage has built up a well-functioning business in district heating, cooling and heating and sanitation contracts. Although Roslagens Värmemontage’s office is located in Järfälla, operations are conducted in Stockholm and Uppsala and their environs, as well as in Örebro and Norrköping. Framework agreements, with the major district heating companies (EON, Stockholm Exergi, Vattenfall, SFAB, Norrenergi, etc.), account for 80 percent of sales.

“We are very impressed with the superior skills that Roslagens Värmemontage embodies. We match one another in terms of values and culture, while complementing one another geographically and in terms of customers. Accordingly, we are very pleased with this acquisition, which also makes us the leading company in district heating in the Stockholm region and its environs, as well as one of the largest district heating installers in Sweden,” says Andreas Aristiadis, President and Business Area Manager at Assemblin Heating & Sanitation.

Roslagens Värmemontage conducts complete plumbing installation in culverts, indoors, to pumping stations and in boiler buildings for energy and property companies. The company also replaces old heat exchangers and participates in the new construction of complete district heating plants and cooling centres for tenant-owner housing associations, property owners and major industries. The business also provides services, offering operation and maintenance, as well as stand-by services in energy distribution and at production facilities.

“Although we have developed a stable business and are proud of the expertise we possess, we believe that we can develop better as part of a broader context. Assemblin enjoys a favourable reputation in the market and has previously demonstrated that it seeks to invest in district heating. By exchanging experiences and resources, we will be able to continue developing in the area of district heating together,” says Stefan Innala, President at Roslagens Värmemontage.

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Andreas Aristiadis, President and Business Area Manager, Assemblin Heating & Sanitation,, +46 10 475 20 12

Stefan Innala, President at Roslagens Värmemontage,, +46 70 852 75 68

Åsvor Brynnel, Head of Communications and Sustainability, Assemblin,, +46 10 475 39 48

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