Assemblin launches unique solution to simplify transition to a fossil-free vehicle fleet

With its complete solution Assemblin Charge, Assemblin is taking the lead in the development of smart, sustainable services for charging infrastructure and contributing to the transition to a fossil-free society. The solution combines installation and servicing of charging points with a unique cloud-based administration platform.


The demand for smart solutions for electric car charging is rapidly growing among private individuals, housing associations, property owners and companies. Assemblin, one of the Nordic region’s leading installation companies, is one of the players that can support the expansion of the required charging infrastructure. However, for those companies that are now transitioning their vehicle fleets to fossil-free, it’s not enough to buy vehicles and install charging points. They also require smart, efficient administrative solutions.

That’s why Assemblin has supplemented its installation and service offering with a new, smart cloud-based platform that connects the administrative flows between the driver, the company and the leasing companies. Any money is debited automatically and seamlessly between the customer’s own and the leasing companies’ systems. The result is a solution that simplifies the transition to a fossil-free vehicle fleet for both companies and employees.

“We ourselves are in the process of converting our vehicle fleet and we realised that, in addition to charging facilities, there is a need to be able to easily manage the costs of charging easily. Our cloud-based platform can handle this, whether you’re charging your vehicle at home, at work or in a public setting. It will be incredibly easy for our employees, but also for us as an employer,” says Daniel Klerdal, Chief Strategy Officer at Assemblin Electrical.

The Assemblin Charge app is now available from the App Store and Google Play. Using the app, you can control, follow up on and optimise your charging based on the property’s requirements. You can also choose your billing solution and continuously monitor your charging history.

During the autumn Assemblin tested Assemblin Charge in a number of locations, with good results, and will now roll out the solution gradually in its own operations, while also offering it to other customers. Mats Nyberg, formerly head of Assemblin Electrical’s service operations in Stockholm, will lead the initiative.

“Assemblin has the necessary expertise and organisation to take responsibility for installation and servicing of the charging points themselves. Now we also have both the billing system and resources in place. Assemblin Charge is an entirely unique solution and it feels great to be able to actively contribute to the transition to a carbon-neutral society,” says Fredrik Allthin, President and Business Area Manager of Assemblin Electrical.

For further information, contact:

Fredrik Allthin, President and Business Area Manager of Assemblin Electrical,, +46 10 472 40 10

Daniel Klerdal, Chief Strategy Officer Assemblin Electrical,, +46 10 472 42 03

Åsvor Brynnel, Head of Communication Assemblin,, +46 70 600 73 21

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