Assemblin is contracted for the performance of installations when the new health care building in the Malmö hospital area is built

Having been involved in developing, planning and designing installations for the new health care building in the Malmö hospital area, it is now clear that the unique installation group in which Assemblin is included will also be entrusted with the implementation phase. The entire installation assignment is worth approximately SEK 1,669 million, of which Assemblin will be responsible for SEK 1,067 million.

Building contractor Skanska Sverige AB was contracted in 2015 and in turn contracted an installation group to be involved in the planning and design of the installation work. The installation group comprised ApQ El, AB Rörläggaren (which is owned by Instalco), Assemblin El, Assemblin Ventilation and Assemblin VS. It is now clear that this installation group has also been contracted for the performance of installations in all phases of the project.

“Collaboration within the installation group works very well. We have gathered together some of the region's best specialists in a unique installation group with joint planning and coordinated implementation, which will provide efficient production. In this project, the installation group has been involved at an early stage, and in close collaboration with the employer Skanska and the developer Region Skåne, we have jointly developed good, sustainable solutions for 108,000 modern and flexible square metres of health care premises,” says Håkan Ekvall, representative of the installation group and CEO of Assemblin Ventilation.

For Assemblin, the assignment is worth approximately SEK 1,067 million, consisting of ventilation technology for SEK 335 million, heating and sanitation technology for SEK 270 million, electrical technology (including alarms and telecom) for SEK 332 million and automation solutions for approximately SEK 130 million.

“Assemblin has extensive experience and market-leading expertise in large, complex multi-technical projects. This is one of our biggest current projects, which of course we are very happy about and proud of. We are also proud of the smart solutions and efficient methods that we are using in the project with the support of integrated, modern systems. This confirms our ability to continually improve our operations and delivery,” says Mats Johansson, President and CEO of Assemblin.

In total it is estimated that up to 250 people will be working on installations simultaneously during the periods of peak load. The project extends until the mid 2020s.

For more information, contact:

Niclas Micha  
Business Developer at Assemblin El
+46 10 200 74 16

Håkan Ekvall
Head of Business Area and CEO of Assemblin Ventilation
+46 10 452 72 63

Ola Lundh
Regional Manager of Assemblin VS
+46 10 475 12 58

Johan Mårtensson
Branch Manager at Assemblin Automation
+46 10 472 46 00

Åsvor Brynnel
Head of Communications and Sustainability at Assemblin
+46 70 600 73 21

About the project for the new health care building in the Malmö Hospital area

The new health care building consists of two buildings of 10 and 11 floors respectively above the ground floor. The buildings are interconnected by culverts and passageways and will hold more than 2,200 rooms and be a workplace for more than 2,000 people. The new building provides 240 single health care rooms with private hygiene rooms. The ambition is that the hospital building can be certified according to the Miljöbyggnad environmental classification system at silver level. The project is part of Region Skåne's focus on the entire hospital area in Malmö, where a new service building is also being built and the technical infrastructure is being developed.

About Assemblin

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