Stockholm Public Transportation

For many years Assemblin has manufactured and supplied control equipment, and assembled and installed power supply equipment and rectifier substations in rail-borne infrastructure, in close collaboration with Siemens in Solna.

  • Stockholm Public Transport (end client Siemens)

Assemblin has also installed fire alarms, lighting and fibre systems for the projects.

As well as working on the Stockholm metro system, Assemblin is also working on the extension of the Tvärbanan light railway line to Solna. During the project an open, constructive dialogue is being maintained with the end client, Siemens, to ensure optimisation of future infrastructure and working methods.

Assemblin has extensive experience of working with this type of rectifier equipment and the thick cables required. Several of Assemblin’s techniques in Solna are certified on Siemens’ gas-insulated switchgear.