What's up at Assemblin?

Mats Johansson, CEO at Assemblin, answers three topical questions about Assemblin and our Q3 2021 performance.

1. What are the main drivers behind the Q3 performance?

As a Nordic leader in the growing installation market, we are supported by strong underlying tailwinds from sustainability, smart buildings and urbanisation megatrends. I am happy to see that our strong focus on profitability and cash flow continues to yield results, thanks to hard work with operational improvements. Q3 was a milestone for us - for the first time, we achieved an adjusted EBITA margin of 7 per cent on a rolling 12-month basis, which we are very proud of.

2. How can Assemblin be a part of the green transition?

We operate at the core of the green transition, since buildings account for more than 40 per cent of society’s total energy consumption and therefore have an extensive climate footprint. Assemblin is well positioned to be able to contribute to customers’ realignment efforts.

We have achieved this through hard work in our existing operations and through strategic and future-oriented acquisitions, particularly in the fast-growing areas of property automation, individual metering and debiting (IMD), energy optimisation, as well as installation of solar cells.

3. What’s next for Assemblin?

The underlying driving forces are strong for long-term growth in the Nordic region’s installation markets. We are experiencing considerable interest and favourable demand, particularly for climate-intelligent and innovative technical solutions. Combined with our decentralised but disciplined business model, our strong offering and record-breaking order backlog, the prospects for continued growth, good profitability and stable cash flows are favourable. We are determined to take advantage of the substantial opportunities in the Nordic region’s installation markets.