We can, we want and we care – a New Year's reflection

2020 was one of the strangest years in a long time. The new Corona virus has affected us all. Compared with many other industries, the construction and installation industry has performed relatively well, even though we have also been affected.


During the pandemic, I have reflected on the human ability to quickly adapt to new circumstances and find new solutions. It is impressive to see how we and others quickly changed our business and in various ways and have found solutions to be able to carry out our work as safely as possible - despite the pandemic. I have also followed the work in developing a new vaccine and am impressed by the concentrated effort and exchange of knowledge taking place in medical research in 2020. Now it looks like we have a vaccine within reach, which hopefully means that we will be able to open our societies again.

The power and willingness to solve problems and find new paths is fundamental in all development and innovation work. It is also something that is fundamental to us at Assemblin. We have a high ambition: with the market's best employees, we want to offer our customers the market's best real estate technical solutions. This means that we participate actively in the current change in our industry, primarily driven by climate change and the digital revolution, but of course also the pandemic.

Our installations affect the everyday lives of millions of people. A healthy indoor environment based on smart, energy-efficient installation solutions has never been more important than now. HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) accounts for about half of the end-user energy use in the EU, and here we as an installation company can really contribute to a better future.

Our vision is to create smart and sustainable installations - for people, by people. That is what me and my fantastic colleagues are passionate about, and we will continue to be in 2021. Ahead of the coming year, I would like to thank all employees, customers and partners for a great collaboration during a strange 2020, and at the same time express a hope for a new, better and more sustainable 2021.

Take care!

Mats Johansson

CEO Assemblin