Borealis Cracker Plant

When the 19 MW Siemens motor at Borealis cracker plant in Stenungsund, western Sweden, stopped due to an earth fault, the entire plant shut down – a plant that also supplies other petrochemical plants with raw materials for various processes.

  • Borealis

The electric motor was quickly taken to Assemblin’s electrical servicing workshop by special transport. After dismantling and a thorough fault-tracing process, an earth fault was diagnosed. The rewinding repair was demanding, not only due to the sheer scale of the job but also the time pressure. A total of 15 engineers and electromechanical engineers worked on the motor in various stages, to keep to the tight schedule.

The customer, Borealis, is delighted with Assemblin’s input. The project manager for rotating machinery at Borealis said that Assemblin did a world-class job. Fifteen days after the motor breakdown, the cracker plant was fully up and running again.