Assemblins approach to the Covid-19 pandemic

Assemblin is carefully tracking the development of the Corona pandemic and continuously evaluates the consequences on our operations and staff. We have proactively engaged with our staff and have active dialogues with our customers and suppliers.

Important starting points for our approach are employee safety and recommendations of the authorities. Below you can find a summary of our approach which is continually updated based on the questions we receive from our stakeholders.

Business landscape

Most of our key customers have, this far, chosen to keep production up and running. Our main issue in the short run is a somewhat higher sick leave ratio than normal which has increased the pressure on the employees that have remained healthy. So far, we have done well by active continuity planning and by relying on our engaged and committed staff. Naturally we are closely involved in monitoring the development in close dialogue with our customers and suppliers.

We are currently experiencing an international health crisis countered by government interventions which will have social and economic consequences. Today, we can only speculate on the extent of these consequences. For us, as for all companies, it is key to be prepared for a rapidly changing landscape and market conditions ahead. We take comfort in knowing that our business is built on the back of several long-term assignments with a broad customer base and geographical presence across the Nordics. A further strength is that we have a flexible business model with a variable cost base.

Continuity planning

We are following the recommendations and directives issued by the authorities in countries we are active. Overall, all staff are advised to remain at home in case of any symptoms, including mild ones. This results in increased sick leave, but we are doing what we can to mitigate the effects on production in close consultation with our customers.

In this situation we typically have an advantage in being a large player with the potential to reshuffle our resources to meet expectations in adjacent areas. Primarily, we try to solve any issues through proactive planning of our own and subcontracted staff, and we have also focused strongly on the protecting our workers from contagion and sick leave (see below).

For key processes, including financial reporting, we have a Groupwide business continuity plan to secure our operations. Please contact Åsvor Brynnel for more details.

Actions to decrease the risk of infection

We have executed several actions to decrease the risk of infection among our staff which are communicated through our intranet, text-messages and posters. Selected measures include:

  • Active information relaying the recommendations of the health authorities concerning behaviour, such as physical distancing and remaining at home if unsure.
  • Additional information to staff moving between many different environments and who spend a lot of time on the road.
  • Special procedures and protective gear for staff who could potentially come into contact with infected or high-risk individuals.
  • Instructions to avoid physical meetings and travel when possible and replace these with digital meetings.
  • Instructions to work from home if possible, and to avoid public transportations during rush hour.
  • Increased IT capacity to enable work from home and digital meetings.
  • Enhanced cleaning of our premises.

Close cooperation with our suppliers

Some of our suppliers have provided early warnings of potential supply-chain disturbances. However, with some minor exceptions, deliveries have yet to be impacted. We are in close dialogue with our suppliers and this far material supply is at normal levels. Should we experience any material shortages we will try to identify appropriate alternatives together with our suppliers and customers. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via or to Åsvor Brynnel should you have any queries.